Who are we?

We are FitHub Crossfit Namal Tel Aviv.

Located in the heart of the Tel-Aviv port, right next to the Mediterranean sea, between palm trees and Israel’s finest fashion and lifestyle stores,

FitHub won’t make you better without making you sweat for it, but it will allow you to become the best version of yourself, physically and mentally by giving you all the tools.

It doesn’t matter if you never exercised before, or if you’re a pro athlete, here you’ll get the complete set of tools that are right for you personally. All you have to do is show up, work hard and we’ll worry about everything else.

Some say life is all about compromise, we don’t belive it. We don’t compromise about nothing – not about our training, not about or equipment, not about our service and not about your smile. We are OBSESSED about being at our very best.


fithub חדר כושר

Fithub understand that fitness and health is a complete ecosystem that needs to be supported in every single way possible – from training to socializing, clothing, and even the post-training coffee.

We only got one body – we believe it deserves more.