FitHub Crossfit Namal

 Located in the heart of Tel Aviv – the Tel Aviv Port (Namal Tel Aviv), Fithub Crossfit Namal is Israel leading Crossfit Box. Between the cafes and stores you’ll find Crossfit classes, Yoga classes, Pilates classes, Weightlifting classes, Studio classes, and endurance training classes – All of them are being coached by Israel top coaches, many of them are award winning competitive crossfitters 

Drop ins are more than welcome!
We have had the privilege to host some of the world leading crossfitters, and we are always happy to meet a new friend that want to stay fit even abroad. for more details contact us in one of the following ways:


Today's WODs

לכל האימונים הורידו את האפליקציה שלנו (מבית Arbox)


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